VA Now Offering Their VAntage Point

Having already established their presence on such social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as other social outlets like Flickr and Youtube, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is establishing their presence in the blogosphere as well. Their first blog is called VAntage Point and is designed to draw veterans and their family members into an environment where open discussion is the norm. This will give the VA  yet another avenue in which they can engage veterans online.

More than just engaging veterans, the VA will use VAntage Point to get veterans accurate information about what is happening with the VA. It will go both ways, though, as veterans will be able to submit their problems and concerns to the VA through the blog. As more veterans are spending more time online, the VA’s choice to enter the blogosphere is a very appropriate move. The more presence they have online, the more chances veterans will find them and become involved with them on the Internet.

VAntage Point will consist of daily articles written by VA staff members,  as well as articles written by employees and the public in general. The pieces written by VA staff members will spotlight general veterans’ issues, as well as specific IT programs designed to keep the VA on the cutting edge of technology. Expect both staff members to interact with blog readers on a regular basis. Guest articles will be written to the editor of VAntatge Point. Submitting authors should not worry about offending the “VA viewpoint;” viewpoint is not considered. Submissions will be considered based on how well they’re written.

VAntage Point will ensure veterans are given accurate information. It will also give veterans a new medium in which to interact with the VA. Both parties will be well served with the existence of this new blog.

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