VA Med Centers May Have Used Recalled, Contaminated Products

Although the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is facing more problems with sterilization, the threat is originating from a different source. Approximately 25% of all VA medical centers across the nation, as well as the VA’s outpatient mail-order pharmacy, were using alcohol prep pads and other products, which are believed to have been the cause of multiple infections and deaths.

Naturally, US Senator Michael F. Bennet (D-Colo) has some questions for VA officials. First and foremost, he questioned how many veterans were affected by these products and wipes, and to what extent. The infected and recalled products the VA was using number in the hundreds, and the recall is based on the threat of bacterial contamination.

Investigators discovered the recalled pads and products in 38 of the 152 veterans medical centers spanning 30 states. Additionally, approximately 1,500 boxes of recalled products were removed from the Consolidated Mail Outpatient Pharmacy’s inventory. That mail-order pharmacy alone fills 97.4 million prescriptions a year.

The good news is no veterans have reported infections to date. This is surprising as many veterans have been using the alcohol prep pads at home for years from the mail-order pharmacy. Since the original recall was announced in January, it has been updated 40 times.

There are questions, however, about how long the VA waited to warn veterans of the potential threat of the products and the issues recalls. Many report not receiving any warning for months after the initial recall notice. In the meantime, they continued to use the infected products and wipes.

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