VA Launches Pilot Program for Computer-Assisted Care for Veterans

In its continued effort to provide patient-centric care to veterans, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) developed a new pilot program for use in its health care centers. It will use IBM’s Watson technology to help speed up and improve health care professionals’ ability to research and gather health information. This in turn should help the VA provide more efficient care for its patients.

The IBM technology will search a patient’s electronic medical records and then find relevant medical literature to help doctors better understand and diagnose patients’ health conditions. This new process can save time by finding the necessary information more quickly than human research would allow, thus allowing VA doctors more time to spend listening to the patient’s individual needs and providing care.

Doctors and other health professionals have already used Watson technology in health care settings for assisting doctors in identifying and analyzing cancer treatment options. During the pilot program, scheduled to last for two years, doctors will only use the technology in realistic scenarios and will not use it to make any actual clinical decisions for veterans’ care. If the pilot is successful, the VA may implement the technology to provide evidence for real-life clinical decisions in the future.

For veterans seeking disability benefits, clinical decisions are among the strongest types of evidence necessary to prove they suffer from a disabling condition brought about by their military service. Connecting a medical condition to military service is a must to recover VA disability benefits. If you or a loved one are seeking disability benefits from the VA and the VA has denied or delayed your claim, contact Veterans Help Group ® for assistance and support for your veterans disability claim. Call today – 1-855-855-8992.