VA Launches New Tool to Help Doctors Identify Veterans with High-Risk Hepatitis C

A new diagnostic tool is helping the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) accelerate treatment options for veterans with hepatitis C. The Hepatitis C-ALD Dashboard is a new data tool created by the VA to identify and track the risk levels of veterans with hepatitis C who may have or be prone to developing advanced liver disease (ALD), a common complication of hepatitis C.

The dashboard uses criteria such as age, race, gender, ethnicity, geographic location, and military service era to create trackable data sets that can help distinguish high-risk groups of veterans. The goal of the dashboard is to learn what factors increase the risk of ALD in veterans who have been diagnosed with hepatitis C.

Data generated by the new dashboard will hopefully help VA doctors better serve veterans with hepatitis C and provide new preventative and management options for ALD. The Hepatitis C-ALD Dashboard compliments current clinical hepatitis and liver disease dashboards already in use with some national Veterans Integrated Service Networks (VISNs). These advances in hepatitis care are in line with the VA’s position as the leading entity for hepatitis screening, care, research, and prevention.

Through the VA Healthcare System, veterans can obtain screening and treatment for hepatitis C. The earlier the disease is diagnosed and managed, the better chance a veteran has of avoiding complications such as advanced liver disease, liver cancer, cirrhosis, and liver failure. These complications are often severely disabling, and may qualify a veteran for disability benefits if it can be proven that the condition resulted from their military service.

Hepatitis C or Advanced Liver Disease May Qualify You for Veterans’ Disability Benefits

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