VA Launches 62 More VetSuccess on Campus Programs

One of the many benefits for disabled veterans seeking to re-enter the workforce is the educational assistance offered through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The well-known G.I. Bill has provided scholarships to thousands of veterans seeking college degrees after their military service, and now one of the more recent programs from the VA is getting a boost.

VetSuccess on Campus (VSOC) is a program that places vocational rehabilitation counselors from the VA on college campuses with large veteran populations. The transition from active military life to veteran status can be difficult, especially for disabled veterans recovering from a combat-related injury. The VSOC program provides resources to veterans entering academic life either for the first time or as a returning student.

Nearly one million servicemembers have benefitted from the VA’s educational benefits. The VSOC program began as a pilot program at the University of South Florida in 2009 and then San Diego State and Cleveland State. It expanded to five new locations in 2011 and 24 new locations by 2012. This year, the VA plans to add an additional 62 schools across the nation.

For many veterans, additional education may be necessary when returning to civilian life. Many veterans may not be able to return to their previous profession due to a lack of jobs in their field or a gap in continuing education. Injuries sustained during service may also impair a veteran from working at their previous occupation, and training in a new field may be required for veterans to work and earn a living again.

Educational support is one of the many benefits available to disabled veterans honorably discharged from their military service. Whether you were released on a medical discharge or retired naturally, if you find that you are suffering from a disabling mental or physical condition related to your military service, you may be entitled to more than just the standard veterans benefits.

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