VA Issues New Grants and Initiatives to Assist Homeless and Disabled Veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has recently announced several new grant programs and a memorial benefit initiative which will impact the lives of thousands of veterans.

On July 10 it was announced that transportation initiatives would be improved in several rural areas thanks to a new grant program to support state Veterans Service Agencies and Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs). Eligible groups may apply for grants up to $50,000 to be used to improve transportation resources for veterans living in highly rural areas.

Shortly after this announcement, the VA released details of a new housing grant program that would allocate $300 million in grants to private, non-profit organizations that provide services to low-income veteran families facing homelessness. The grants were awarded to 319 community agencies across the nation and are expected to assist approximately 120,000 veterans.

An additional initiative has come to fruition for veterans living in Puerto Rico. The VA recently acquired 247.4 acres of land in Morovis, PR to establish a new cemetery for burial of servicemembers and their spouses and eligible dependent children. The existing Puerto Rico National Cemetery will cease new casketed interments in 2022 and could not be expanded due to surrounding residential and commercial development.

All military personnel who are harmed or killed in active duty, as well as all veterans with an honorable discharge, are typically eligible for all general military benefits. It is important to follow up with the VA to determine all of the benefits you are entitled to such as health care, housing assistance, and burial rights.

Servicemembers who are injured in combat, or veterans who develop health conditions connected to their time in service, are often eligible to collect veterans disability benefits. If you are a disabled veteran seeking benefits from the VA, the veterans disability attorneys at The Law Offices of Veterans Help Group are here to help; contact us today 1-855-855-8992.