VA Issues New Directive For Social Media

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has been increasing its online presence through multiple mediums in order to make itself more available to soldiers and their families in need. Now the VA has issued a new directive dictating  how its employees use various social media outlets when interacting with the public about a number of topics, including veterans disability.

It is probably not well known, but the VA has more than 100 Facebook pages. They also have multiple blogs, which includes their Vantage Point, a YouTube channel dedicated solely to the VA, a Flickr page, and more than 50 individual Twitter feeds. By years’ end, the VA plans on having separate Facebook pages and Twitter feeds for every one of its 152 medical centers.

The new directive covers all social media outlets, which include Facebook pages, Twitter and RSS feeds, and blogs. It mandates “Web Communication Officers,” “Content Managers,” and “Collaboration Service Coordinators” be designated throughout VA facilities. The people in these positions will ensure all VA social media sites are in line with current VA directives and privacy protocols.

VA employees must “draw a clear distinction” when using social media between what they believe personally, and what is required of them through their professional duties. Only employees with “a need to know for the performance of their professional duties” will be allowed access the VA’s social media channels.

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