VA Issued Mandated IDs Without Proper Security Checks

The entire government is under a Homeland Security directive mandating every federal agency issue personal ID cards to every employee, which for the Department of Veterans Affairs includes contractors as well as those working with veterans with disabilities. Those IDs must meet specific security requirements, and according to an article published in Fierce Government, the VA issued at least 147,000 IDs without following proper security protocols.

The VA’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) issued a report at the end of September detailing how the VA issued the IDs but never ran the employee names attached to the IDs through terrorist databases or checking with any identity source documents. The VA also never ran background checks on about 5,100 of the IDs, and at least 5,600 IDs were issued without ever checking the employees’ separation of duty status.

The OIG attributed the VA’s failings to “missing procedures and significant control lapses in enrollment center operations.” None of this was ever noticed prior to the OIG report because the VA never checked to determine if the IDs met with government mandates. This all points to another security breach at the VA.

The OIG report recommended the VA to stop issuing the IDs and work toward fixing the current issues. At this point, it’s going to cost the VA an additional $6.7 million to get the VA back on track and meet standards.

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