VA Has Many Programs To Help Homeless Veterans

There is a good chance the VA offers programs to help homeless veterans that most homeless veterans do not even know exist. The Veterans Affairs Office makes available programs, courses, and services to assist homeless veterans. For those veterans that do qualify, the VA office offers:

  • Disability benefits;
  • Education;
  • Health care;
  • Rehabilitation services;
  • Residential care; and
  • Compensated work therapy.

The VA makes a concerted effort to reach out to homeless veterans. The VA operates the Health Care for Homeless Veterans Program at 135 different sites around the country. Through this program the VA offers the following to homeless veterans:

  • Physical and psychiatric health exams;
  • Supported housing programs;
  • Drop-in centers;
  • Compensated work therapy;
  • Treatment;
  • Inpatient and outpatient care;
  • Establishing community shelters;
  • substance abuse counseling; and
  • referrals for ongoing services when necessary.

Additionally, there are those homeless veterans that are disabled either physically or mentally who require specialized care. For these veterans, the VA provides medical care in a residential setting at a VA medical center through the VA Domiciliary Care for the Homeless Veterans Program.

The VA also runs readjustment and counseling centers (vet centers) which help veterans through various community outreach programs such as different levels and types of counseling and referral services.

Veterans around the country are issued $29 billion in disability payments every year from the VA. For many, the money they receive is all the money they have and the only thing keeping them from becoming homeless. Over 100,000 veterans might be homeless without the specialized attention they receive from the VA’s Fiduciary Program.

Finally, the VA recycles some of the properties they own through foreclosure and makes them available to homeless-assistance organizations for purchase or lease at severe discounts. This process happens via the VA’s Acquired Property Sales for Homeless Providers Program.

The VA is very focused and committed to helping homeless veterans. VA Secretary Eric Shinseki’s goal if eliminating homeless veterans is one stop closer with every homeless veteran able to take advantage of one of the many VA programs aimed at helping them.

Additional housing benefits are available to disabled veterans which may be based on your disability rating. If you are a disabled veteran who is fighting the VA to receive disability compensation, contact the veterans’ disability rights law firm of Veterans Help Group.