VA Funding Shortfalls Delay Veterans’ Projects

Reduced federal funding for Veterans Administration projects could represent yet another challenge for injured and disabled veterans who rely on VA projects for financial, medical and day-to-day support.

A story in the Alabama newspaper, St. Clair Times, reports that the VA currently has a project list totaling about $400 million, but the VA has received only $100 million by Congress. This means only 38 out of 157 VA projects will receive matching grant funds.

This funding shortfall has already delayed important projects and services for disabled veterans. One such project is the opening of a new veterans’ home in Pell City, AL, which was to begin construction this year.

A spokesmen from the VA Regional Office in Montgomery, Alabama said they hope to get the necessary matching funds in 2011. The proposed veterans’ home should eventually provide more than 250 private rooms and assisted living housing.

Many disabled and wounded veterans rely on programs and funding from the VA in order to survive. These resources, such as veterans’ disability benefits, are a recognition of the valuable commitment and sacrifice that veterans have made in serving their country.

If you are a disabled veteran who has been denied disability compensation by the VA, contact Veterans Help Group. We can appeal your rating decision and fight for your rights. You are entitled to certain programs and benefits based upon your VA rating decision so contact our veterans disability rights firm today.