VA employees among those killed and wounded at Ft. Hood

VA Secretary General Shinseki announced today that two employees from the VA had been killed during the attack on Fort Hood last week. Another employee was seriously wounded, and is now in stable condition in an intensive care unit.

According to the VA’s press release, Russell Seager, 51, was a nurse practitioner at a VA medical center in Milwaukee and was preparing for his first deployment overseas. The captain in the Army Reserves also led a mental health team at the VA and was assigned to a Combat Stress Control unit to help soldiers who might be experiencing mental health problems.

Juanita Warman, 55, was also a nurse practitioner at the VA and worked in Perry Point, Maryland. Warman was a lieutenant colonel in the Maryland National Guard and provided mental health counseling and post-traumatic stress disorder treatment to veterans.

Dorothy Carskadon, 47, has survived the attacks and is a captain in the Army Reserves. Carskadon is also a team leader at the VA Vet Center in Madison, Wisconsin.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of Russell Seager and Juanita Warman, who had dedicated their professional careers to treating veterans and serving our country. They were truly great Americans and their service will surely be missed.

We also wish Dorothy Carskadon a speedy and full recovery, and pray for her to receive the same support that she has likely provided to so many veterans through her work.

Read the Secretary’s full statement on the casualties suffered by the VA due to the Fort Hood massacre.