VA Considering Benefits Increase for Genital Injuries

Military personnel suffering traumatic damage to their genitals are not given enough money. The rates for what they receive are currently under review by both the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Department of Defense (DoD) following complaints from Rep. C. W. “Bill” Young (R-Fla.). If everything goes right, the new rates will be made retroactive for all those soldiers who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and sustained blast wounds.

Injured soldiers are issued payments  from Traumatic Service Members’ Group Life Insurance once they suffer “life-changing injuries or disabilities.” This is a VA benefit and total up to $100,000, depend on the injury. Soldiers however, are currently given more benefits for losing a finger than they are for losing a penis, according to Young’s testimony at a congressional hearing. Young went as far as to call groin injuries the new signature wounds of the wars.

Soldiers are paid $50,000 if they lose a thumb, but if a soldier loses a reproductive organ, they are only given $25,000. There is a caveat to that $25,000 payment, however. The soldier who lost their reproductive organ must also spend 15 consecutive days hospitalized, or spend 30 days unable to perform a minimum 2 of 6 daily activities:

  • Bathing;
  • Remaining continent;
  • Dressing him or herself;
  • Eating;
  • Going to the bathroom; and
  • Getting into and out of either a bed or chair.

The VA and the DoD are reviewing whether revising payments for genital injuries is necessary. It may be possible those revised payments will be issued within the next couple of months.

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