VA Claim Processor Competency Bill Stalled

The Veterans Benefits Training Improvement Act of 2011 (HR 2349) was written with the hope it could improve the work done by Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) disability claims processors. The bill’s passage, however, was postponed by the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee’s Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs Panel.

The legislation would require remedial training and a second round of testing for anyone receiving a “less than satisfactory” on a standard competency test. The test would be given once a year to all VA employees and managers responsible for processing pension and benefit claims.

The House subcommittee felt the time it would take to administer the test, the training, and the re-test would do nothing but add to the “already considerable backlog of claims.”

Any employee or manager receiving remedial training twice and cannot move past a less than satisfactory score would face “appropriate personnel action.”

The majority of the objections to the bill came from Democrats who argued the bill did not provide any source of funding to pay for the annual testing. Because of the potentially serious consequences of not performing well on the tests, there was also concern claims processing would slow as more workers take time off to study for the competency test.

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