VA Campaign Helps Veterans Educate and Learn from One Another

According to an article in Off The Base, many veterans find comfort in speaking to other veterans with disabilities or mental health conditions, which is why The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) created a campaign known as “Make the Connection”.

Veterans who support and help one another through the most difficult times in their lives can be a powerful experience. By the VA implementing the “Make the Connection” program on its own webpage, veterans can privately find help and a sense of therapeutic treatment.

The webpage is designed to help veterans of every generation and service. Vietnam veterans can find the exact type of help as can veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The help that can be found ranges from struggling with an identity as a newly disabled veteran to transitioning back into the civilian world following a deployment.

The information on the site is designed to help family members and loved ones as much as it is designed to help veterans, clinicians, and active-duty soldiers. Through different techniques, the site is designed to help veterans find help for themselves, and locate resources from which they can ask for the needed help.

Furthermore, the site also offers services ranging from testimonials of other soldiers and how they learned to cope with varying issues to self-assessment tools for substance abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, and depression.

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