VA Benefits: Expansion of Veterans’ Burial Options in Rural Areas

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) operates 131 national cemeteries, but these burial sites are only present in 39 states and Puerto Rico. There are also 33 monument sites and soldiers’ lots. These limited spaces leave the families of thousands of veterans in less populated areas wondering where to honor their loved one when they pass.

To help the families of veterans make this decision, the VA is establishing a Rural Initiative plan to open eight initial National Veterans Burial Grounds in the Midwest. This will create small sections within existing public and private cemeteries where an estimated 136,000 veterans and dependents may benefit.

With the success of these initial sites, the VA will continue vetting out new opportunities across the nation where there is a veteran population of 25,000 or less in need of such services. This will help allow veterans with a discharge other than dishonorable gain access to the burial benefits they are entitled to through the VA.

The VA provides burial benefits and services for eligible veterans, their spouses, and, in some cases, their dependents. Disabled veterans who apply for and receive veterans’ disability benefits are connected to many VA benefits such as the burial benefits.

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