VA Awards Funds for More Medical Disability Examinations

Medical DisabilityObtaining a medical disability examination is critical to applying for veterans’ disability benefits. This exam gives a veteran his disability rating, which is how the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) determines compensation amounts. Currently, several companies hold contracts to provide these medical disability examinations, some of which report to the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) and others that report to the Veterans Health Administration.

Through the MyVA initiative, the newly formed Medical Disability Examination Program (MDEP) will consolidate the handling of medical disability examinations. In order for the program to begin, the VA awarded $6.8 billion in contracts to three firms that provide the examinations nationwide.

Along with consolidating the processing of medical disability examinations, the MDEP will develop a program management and delivery process of these records in order to facilitate faster processing of disability claims from veterans overseas. The VA hopes that these changes in examination management and processing, along with more contracts to quality firms, will help improve the claims processing and approval rates for benefits applications.

Veterans seeking disability benefits must have a medical disability examination in order to provide a disability rating. The disability rating determines the amount of compensation a veteran is due for the disabling conditions listed on his benefits claim. A rating of 100 percent means that veteran is totally disabled in that area and will receive full benefits for his condition.

Do Not File for Veterans’ Disability Benefits Alone

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