VA Allocates Billions For Veterans Programs

Out of the entire national homeless population, homeless veterans make up approximately one third. According to a recent VA survey, this equals approximately 130,000 homeless veterans. This number does not include those veterans near, or at risk for, homelessness for various reasons including:


  • Poverty;
  • Lack of family or family support; and
  • Miserable living conditions such as cheap hotels.

The VA’s budget this year sets aside $3.2 billion to be directed towards homeless veterans programs. The VA also set a goal for the year which is to provide services to 30,000 veterans. This is a noteworthy goal as there are currently only 20,000 being served.

In order to aid in accomplishing this goal, 400 shelters have been set up nationwide to provide:


  • Long-term housing;
  • Medical care; and
  • Job training.

The VA’s goal of providing long-term residential treatment is to prevent untreated veterans from becoming dependent on VA health care services. The idea behind this being that the VA will be able to reduce long-term costs. Another benefit is that these veterans will be given job training so they will be able to earn money and become an active taxpayer as opposed to someone dependent on the system.

The VA has laid out the money and the goals. Now all that needs to happen is the implantation of the plan.

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