VA Aid and Attendance Special Pension Available to War-Time Veterans

There is a little-known veterans’ benefit available to thousands of war-time veterans and their spouses but is not being claimed. The veterans’ benefit, otherwise known as the VA Aid and Attendance Special Pension, breaks down as follows:

–  Up to $1,644 a month is available;

–  $19,736 is available annually to be applied toward assisted living services and other long-term health care;

–  Veterans must be 65 and older;

–  Veterans must have served at least 90 days and one day during war-time either stateside or overseas.

Despite these funds being available to veterans and their families to aid in long- term health care, nearly $22 billion goes unclaimed every year. Even more appealing: the payments under this benefit are retroactive.

In 2007 only 134,000 seniors actually received the benefit. Most veteran applicants do qualify for the long-term health care benefits and the VA is available to assist in filling out the necessary forms so approval happens as soon as possible. Veterans with certain medical conditions, i.e., blindness, memory loss, and widows can take advantage of a streamlined process.