VA’s Telehealth Virtual Services Becoming Increasingly Popular

The Veteran’s Administration’s (VA) Telehealth Services provide veterans with several types of virtual services in order to provide more comprehensive, better-targeted care, enhanced case management, and improved access to care. In a recent news release, the VA reported that 690,000 veterans used Telehealth Services during the 2014 fiscal year. This means that roughly 12 percent of the overall Veteran population made use of the virtual services this past year.

The VA’s Telehealth Services

Over half of the veterans who use these services live in rural areas with limited access to care. VA Secretary Robert A. McDonald explained, “We have to adapt to meet Veterans wherever their needs are. A brick-and-mortar facility is not the only option for health care. We are exploring how we can more efficiently and effectively deliver health care services to better serve our Veterans and improve their lives.”

There are a wide range of services offered through the VA’s Telehealth Services portal, a few of which are listed below.

  • Clinical video conferencing technologies which allow the veterans to visit with their caregiver without having to travel to the office
  • Home health devices for improved monitoring
  • Regular issues of the VHA Telehealth Quarterly newsletter
  • Store-and-Forward Telehealth services, which involves self-recording data (images, biosignals, etc.) and transmitting it to the doctor who will then assess it offline and return/discuss the results later
  • TeleAudiology program for veterans with hearing loss

Veterans can receive many different types of care through the online services. In fact, as of now, there are 44 types of clinical specialties offered to veterans through this program. “One program at the Miami VA schedules close to 90 clinic connections every week for dermatology, eye exams, the women Veterans program, podiatry, mental health and other clinical specialties,” notes the VA release.

Legal Services for Veterans

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