U.S.Veterans Qualification for VA Burial Benefits

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) National Cemeteries are located all over the country, and most U.S veterans qualify for burial in those cemeteries. According to an article in The Washington Times, even veterans’ spouses, widows, dependents, and even unmarried, disabled adult children can qualify for burial in VA cemeteries.

In order to qualify, veterans have to meet a minimum level of active duty service and cannot have been discharged under dishonorable conditions. It is even possible to qualify children and spouses for burial in VA cemeteries if they die prior to the veteran.

The VA burial benefit is fairly comprehensive in what it provides. The only cost imposed upon the family is fees for the funeral director’s services. Outside of those, there are no costs to the deceased veterans’ families, and they receive the following:

  • gravesite;
  • U.S. flag;
  • grave marker or headstone;
  • Presidential Memorial Certificate;
  • perpetual gravesite maintenance; and
  • opening and closing of the grave.

Although VA national cemeteries are specifically for U.S. veterans, the gravesites cannot be reserve in advance. Veterans families can apply to the VA’s Veterans Benefits Administration to receive a “burial plot and allowance” to qualified veterans and should be prepared with their veteran’s discharge papers, casualty report, military rank, branch they served, birth and death certificate, and serial, Social Security, and VA claim numbers.

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