U.S. Veterans More Likely to Become Entreprenuers

According to an article on CNBC, many U.S. veterans are using their military training to get them back into the workforce and avoid being a statistic of unemployed veterans, which was marked at 11.1% in November 2011.

Lawmakers have spent the last couple of years combating the rising level of unemployed veterans by passing a multitude of laws. Those laws have resulted in many new programs and helpful aide to veterans, which include the following:

  • employment training tools;
  • job boards; and
  • employer tax-credits for hiring U.S. veterans.

Veterans, however, have been trained to improvise, adapt, and overcome. When faced with such a terrible economy, many are implementing that training and simply opening their own businesses.

The Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy recently conducted a survey, which found that veterans are 45% more likely to be self-employed than those who have not served actively in the military. Of all the veterans interviewed, about 25% were interested in working for themselves.

Although many skills learned and utilized in the military are not marketable to the civilian world, some are, such as leadership, which is a vital skill for entrepreneurs.

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