U.S Veterans – Integration of your Health Records Has Begun

The long awaited merger between the medical records systems of the Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has begun its transitional phase.

During the first phase of the transition, the 2 electronic systems will be merged onto a new framework, a process that has been simple for some of the legacy components but difficult for other parts. Karen Guice, the acting chief information officer for the Military Health System (MHS), says that her departments goal is to eliminate the old systems completely and phase out redundant components.

A structural change is also coming along with the technological processes, with a new Defense Health Agency, being developed within the DoD. This agency will take over administration of the Tricare, clinical and business processes of the MHS. Part of their new duties will be to begin monitoring the military health care systems in the Washington area.

When any changes to government systems are made, there may be risks that some information could be lost or become inaccurate. Disabled veterans are especially dependent on their medical record accuracy to help them during the veterans’ disability benefits claim process. A disability rating is determined through medical history, which could be compromised during any sort of system maintenance.

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