U.S. Veterans Find Therapy Through Guitar Playing Group

According to an article in ABC2News, many U.S. veterans are finding a new healing process through guitar music.

Guitar For Vets is a program focused on helping veterans with disabilities and depleted spirits. It is one of the newest alternative therapy programs for veterans who feel they have nothing more to live for and are having a hard time battling their depressing emotions. Guitar For Vets uses music to put across the message that healing is possible.

Over 1200 veterans in the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical centers have been reached by the nationwide program. Music allows people to connect, which is why it is such a useful tool in therapy. It is also trans-generational, so regardless of factors such as age, gender, or economic status, it is something with which everyone can identify on some level.

For many participants in the alternative therapy program, guitars allow them to release many inner feelings, demons, and otherwise unspeakable emotions. Participants find playing their guitars through the rough times in their lives helps them survive, and prevents them from using other methods of handling those raw emotions, such as possibly drug and alcohol abuse.

The program also allows participants to build their self-esteem while giving them something to focus on aside from their problems. Shifting that focus is what is so inherently vital to many veterans’ recoveries.

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