Troops To Energy Jobs Initiative Offers Veterans Employment Opportunities

The nation’s 5 biggest electric companies sent representatives to meet with lawmakers to launch the Troops to Energy Jobs initiative. The initiative is a pilot program that will last 2 years, and will serve to help veterans returning from deployment find employment in the private energy sector.

The program helps veterans find jobs as part of an “accelerated transition.” The civilian energy jobs being targeted for these veterans are expected to multiply over the next 10 years. Alongside expected industry growth, approximately 40% of current civilian energy sector jobs will come available due to both attrition and retirement over the next decade.

It is estimated that roughly 200,000 jobs will become available for highly skilled employees over the next 5 years in the energy sector. Many employers responsible for hiring for these positions are finding military personnel ideal candidates.

Transitioning veterans possess many of the key attributes needed to “meet its workforce demands,” such as being:

  • disciplined;
  • civic-minded; and
  • safety-focused.

The Troops to Energy Jobs initiative will hopefully provide veterans with the appropriate skills and opportunities with which to become employed by private energy companies. For those without the applicable skills, the program will provide training and proper certification.

The opportunity for so many veterans could not have come at a better time. Statistics shows that more than 13% of Post-Gulf veterans are unemployed, which is well above the national standard. More than $880 million was paid out in 2010 in unemployment benefits, compared to $450 million paid out 2 years prior.

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