Troop questionnaires missing

Questionnaires completed by “tens of thousands” of troops are missing according to a recent article by the AP.  Approximately 20% of the surveys for a specific period identified by the Government Accountability Office are missing.

The surveys were completed by troops returning from combat 3 to 6 months after they came home, and are part of a program designed to measure the mental and physical health of our troops. Servicemembers fill out the forms electronically and can request to see a counselor during the questionnaire process.

While the loss of these forms is alarming, troops in need of counseling may soon have another opportunity to get connected to mental health professionals. President Obama recently signed legislation that will require a face-to-face screening of every service member returning from war.

If you are a disabled veteran suffering from PTSD, depression, or a TBI, contact Veterans Help Group – a disability rights law firm based in Florida and Georgia.