Tricare’s denial of successful substance abuse treatment

In an article written by the director of a chemical dependency institute at Beth Israel Medical Center, Tricare’s (the military health insurer) denial of a certain treatment program is described in depth.

According to Dr. Robert Newman, despite political support for a comprehensive treatment program utilizing Buprenorphine, Tricare refuses to pay for the medication-assisted treatment it offers. Similar to methadone, Buprenorphine is highly effective in treating opioid-dependent patients.

In 2000, Senators Carl Levin and Orrin Hatch co-sponsored legislation allowing for private physicians to prescribe the drug outside of rehabilitation programs, however Tricare will not provide coverage for this healthcare option.

It is estimated that drug use has doubled amongst our troops in Afghanistan in the last four years and nearly ¾ of returning vets with PTSD had substance abuse problems.

Widely accepted treatment options for chemical dependency should be available to our nation’s veterans and the families of those who have honorably served our country.

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