Timetable for Veterans Benefits

If you are a veteran who was honorably discharged, you may be entitled to benefits ranging from free healthcare to home improvement allowances. Many veterans erroneously believe that such benefits are only bestowed upon disabled vets or those who applied for benefits prior to their discharge.

Disability Compensation: there is no time limit to apply for disability compensation, which may be awarded to veterans for disabilities incurred or aggravated during military service.

Unemployment Compensation: Unemployment is a benefit administered by the States and you may be entitled to it for a limited time after separation. Eligibility may vary by state, so consult the agency or department that oversees unemployment in your state immediately upon separation to determine the deadline for applications.

Healthcare: there is no time limit to apply for health care services and you may receive healthcare for medical conditions completely unrelated to your service. Eligibility for healthcare is determined based on a number of factors including income, your date of service, disabilities/injuries related to your service, combat time, etc.

Dental: If you were not provided with dental treatment within 90 days prior to separation from active duty, you can apply within 6 months after separation and receive a one-time dental treatment.

A factsheet titled “Veterans Benefits Timetable” can be found on the VA’s website and provides a quick synapses on benefits you may be granted through the VA.