The Veterans Employment Act of 2010 Awaits Passage

It is not news the unemployment rate for veterans is higher than the general population and is showing no signs of decline. In an effort to curb this from becoming any worse, a group of Senators introduced the Veterans Employment Act of 2010. This bill is designed to improve:

  • Job training;
  • Transition assistance; and
  • Job placement services.

The bill’s chief sponsor, Senator Patty Murray, D-Wash., feels veterans possess a unique skill set that should be utilized more often in the private sector. He introduced the bill to prevent veterans from being forced into the private sector without any assistance. Veterans who served this country should not be the last in line waiting for jobs.

One of the veterans’ main complaints is the skills they learn in the military do not successfully transfer into the private sector. Civilian employers are not impressed with being able to lead, or being trained as a combat medic, for example. The current economy allows employers to pick and choose exactly who they want to work for them and this gives them the ability to hire people without having to spend time training them; a situation working against veterans.

The veteran’s employment bill was just recently introduced and is very broad in scope. The bill utilizes 6 different and progressive approaches in hopes of improving veteran’s chances of finding employment by:

  • Overhauling transition assistance classes;
  • Expanding the Post-9/11 GI Bill;
  • Expanding the National Guard Employment Enhancement Project;
  • Expanding the small business development program;
  • Developing transition programs; and
  • Providing grants for specific employment training programs.

Right now the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee is considering the bill. Standard operating procedure could see multiple committees claiming jurisdiction over the bill and may very well delay its passage. Only time will tell how important veterans employment is to these committees by how quickly this passes.

Learn more about the Veterans Employment Act of 2010 and how it will benefit veterans.