The VA’s Women for Women group

A unique support group at the Okalahoma City VA Medical Center is experiencing success and expanding rapidly.

The Women for Women recreational therapy group was formed after women veterans met in another program at the hospital. When that “coed” program concluded, the women explored the idea of founding a group for women only, and Women for Women was born.

The group allows the women veterans to openly discuss a topic that many of them have experienced – military sexual trauma. They also commiserate over subjects like menopause and hormonal problems which are unique to women veterans.

The group started in September but has been met with such success that its already gaining members and VA support.

Learn more about the Women for Women group and contact a VA administrator at your local VA healthcare facility to find out how you can start a local chapter.

Nearly 15% of women who have served in Iraq/Afghanistan are estimated to have been the victim of military sexual trauma. If you were assaulted or harassed while serving and have disabling health issues due to the event, you may be eligible for VA disability compensation. If you’re a disabled vet and need assistance with your VA disability claim, contact the disability rights law firm of Veterans Help Group.