The New House Veterans Affairs Chairman Has Some Questions For VA

US Rep. Jim Miller (R.Fla.) is the incoming Republican House Veterans Affairs Chairman and he has some concerns about the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) budget. The last 4 years has seen tens of billions of dollars being given to the VA in the  name of health care and enhanced benefits. Rep. Miller plans on taking a very close look at  how the money was spent.

It is unlikely Rep. Miller will solve future VA issues by increasing their budget, a problem he says his predecessor fueled. Instead, Rep. Miller wants to see the VA operate more efficiently with what they have. The way to do this, according to Miller, is to change the mindset not only at the VA level, but the government level as well. Both the cost and the method of the VA’s services will be examined. Seemingly most important to Rep. Miller is ensuring there is Congressional oversight over the VA’s $125 billion budget while improving veterans’ services.

The VA’s backlog of disability claims is always a hot topic because it interferes with veterans being able to use the benefits they earned through their service to this country. Rep. Miller again calls for oversight over the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) and the VA’s Office of Information and Technology’s collaborative effort to reduce the backlog.

Efficiency is going to have to be the key word over the next couple of years where the VA and VA services are concerned. Financial lethargy, misappropriations, and misuse will no longer fly. Under Rep. Miller’s eyes, neither will having veterans go without their needed and earned benefits.

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