The Never-Ending Battle Against the VA Disability Backlog

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) continues to attempt to eliminate the VA claims backlog.  Specifically, the VA is using a new computerized automation system to instill some order into the disorganized disability claims process.

The system will not be used until next year because the VA is going to take their time to make sure the entire thing is working exactly as it is supposed to work. It seems they are not taking any chances at doing any more damage to the fractured disability claims processing system.

The current system is based on paper, and is currently hundreds of thousands of cases behind in processing disability claims. It can take years to process claims under the current system, and that is causing problems for those veterans waiting for an answer from the VA. Every passing day no decision is made, injured and disabled veterans are forced to find other sources of income. For many, however, work is impossible due to their injury or disability.


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