The “public option” at the VA

An article in Sunday’s Telegraph Herald (a Dubuque, Iowa, newspaper) compares the VA’s healthcare system to the proposed “public option” that might be included in proposed healthcare legislation. The article discusses the “pros and cons” of VA (government) healthcare in America.

According to the Telegraph Herald’s report, the VA currently operates the “largest integrated health-care system in the country” which employs more than 14,800 doctors and 61,000 nurses.

Veterans gave first-hand reviews of the care they have received at the VA. Some praised the VA for providing free or low-cost care that was generally satisfactory. Others, like Cynthia Fuerst, are quoted as saying, “There’s a big variance between VA physicians and private practice physicians. I’ve talked to other people, and they’ve had similar problems. I think the government needs to stay out of health care.”

Although some might criticize the VA for highly-publicized problems (e.g. the lack of sanitation of colonoscopy equipment in Miami, Augusta, Ga. And Murfreesboro, Tenn. hit the news last year), the VA has been rated highly in customer satisfaction surveys in recent years. In fact, the VA surpassed private practice facilities in two surveys.

We want to hear from you – are you satisfied with the care you have received at the VA? If you had the choice between a doctor in private practice and one at the VA, which would you choose?

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