Teens arrested for vandalism of VFW memorial at Massachusetts cemetery

Four teens are being charged with the vandalism of a cemetery in Massachusetts that we told you about last week. Glenn Cadose, 17, was arraigned in Plymouth District Court on a number of vandalism charges. Cadose and three other 14 and 15-year-old teens allegedly toppled the gravestones of 91 people laid to rest in the cemetery, and also knocked over a VFW memorial the size of a station wagon.

Cadose posted bail and will next be seen in court on December 11 for a pretrial hearing. Although he first denied his part in the destruction, Cadose later admitted to police that he had participated, according to police reports cited by Boston.com.

In a shocking twist, the boys allegedly knocked over the grave of one of their own relatives. When questioned by the police as to their motives, the teens cited peer pressure and being “caught up in the moment.”

What do you think is a suitable punishment for these teens?