Technology Helps Rural Veterans Get Medical Care

The Tomah, WI VA medical center has just received a grant which they will use to utilize TeleMove technology. The technology is part of a VA attempt to make getting health care easier for veterans living in rural areas.

Patients at smaller clinics will have the ability to videolink with physicians at larger VA medical centers. The physician will be able to perform stethoscope and EKG readings and most importantly, it allows veterans to receive services without having to travel. Based on the performance at other VA facilities, it is expected approximately 300 veterans will benefit from the TeleMove technology.

The technology itself is simple and anyone can use it. It is a video link between the base unit and the remote unit. The patient can see the physician on the screen as well as themselves. The same is true for the physician. It is a completely interactive technology. What a person would normally say to their physician, they can say to the screen.

The application works in a group situation as well. The TeleMove unit can accommodate up to six people with the group leader at a remote location. Using the technology will not be mandatory. The key in using the TeleMove system is establishing and maintaining a connection between the veteran and their physician. If the veteran chooses to see their physician in person, that is always an option as well.

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