Syracuse VA Hospital Begins Program for Families of Vets with PSTD and Other Mental Health Issues

The phrase Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has become very commonplace and with good reason: it seems to be affecting more veterans than ever before.

Severe mental health issues affect more than just the veteran,  it also affects their families, caregivers, and the people who love them. Seeing a loved one struggle with a mental health issue like PTSD can be confusing or frustrating for family members who have no idea how to handle or even respond to this behavior.

Due to the increasing number of PTSD cases, educational and counseling programs are being created to help veterans and their families deal with these mental health issues together.

The Syracuse VA Hospital has recently begun offering a program called the Family-to-Family Education Program, which is designed to aid both families and caregivers in understanding various mental health issues, including PTSD.

Because of the nature of mental illnesses, it is often difficult for family members to fully understand what is happening to their loved one. The Family-to-Family Education Program is designed to help families not just cope with their family member’s illness, but show them how to get help before a crisis occurs.

Many veterans have mental health issues that can only be treated with counseling, medications, or both. This program helps family members get the aid they need and at the same time gives them a forum to relieve some of their stress and frustration in dealing with the unknown and often frustrating issues these mental health conditions create.

The Family-to-Family Education Program is free and open to anyone with a loved one experiencing a mental health issue. To learn more about this program or register, call Ann Canastra (Program Coordinator) at 425-4400 extension 51009 or the Syracuse VA Hospital.

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