Swine flu vaccines for veterans

I visited a Broward County (FL) outpatient VA clinic on Monday and was offered the seasonal flu vaccine on the spot. However, when I asked about the swine flu vaccine, the nurse told me she “had no idea” whether or not the VA would offer it to patients in their healthcare system.

I just found this on the VA’s website:


2009 Flu Vaccination and VA: This year, VA hopes to give more than 3 million Veterans and VA staff seasonal flu vaccine and is preparing to give H1N1 flu vaccine to a similar number of Veterans and VA staff, if it is approved for use. At the request of the White House, VA is also preparing to help vaccinate some other Federal employees as well.”

According to a recent report on utilization of benefits and services at the VA, there are approximately 2,784,269 veterans enrolled in the VA’s healthcare system. It is unknown how many “VA staff” are employed by the Department.v