Strategies for Coping with PTSD for Veterans Seeking to Rekindle a Marriage

Military divorce is one of the many struggles veterans and active servicemembers face when deploying and returning from deployment. A recent study published in the Research in Nursing & Health medical journal identifies coping strategies and therapy sessions that may be effective in reinforcing marital bonds following military deployment.

One of the main strains on military marriages is the separation during deployment followed by a spouse returning with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). For the non-deployed spouse, it can be difficult to understand the feelings and emotions his or her spouse is experiencing following a deployment. For the veteran, feelings of abandonment and isolation can be common when a spouse cannot connect with his or her feelings.

The researchers found that treating the family in three separate stages was key to creating a healthy unit. Treatment as individuals focuses on allowing both spouses to express negative emotions while giving each other time and space to heal and come to terms with their future.

Couples treatment strategies include opening your heart, rediscovering what makes you best friends, maintaining trust, and effective communication strategies. Finally, for the family unit, the best practices are to coordinate family schedules and prioritize family time as much as possible.

These strategies have not only helped military families keep their marriages strong, but have also helped veterans deal with the symptoms of PTSD.

The success with which a veteran can overcome PTSD may depend on several factors, including the quality of his or her family life upon returning. Veterans with strong family support and understanding are often better suited to seek help for mental health conditions and obtain the proper treatment. If you suffered a disabling condition during deployment, contact Veterans Help Group ® for information and assistance in filing a veterans disability claim. Call today – 1-855-855-8992.