St. Louis VA Hospital Re-Opens After Contamination Scare

The John Cochran St. Louis Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center re-opened its doors again following a contamination scare. The center originally shut down on February 2, 2011 after an employee noticed surgical trays were littered with metallic corrosion after coming out of their wash cycles. The center was immediately closed to ensure no harm came to any patients as the source of the spots remained a mystery.

The medical center’s staff would not be re-opening their doors if they did not believe they could provide the best and safest environment in which to perform surgeries and other medical procedures. The VA used a number of procedures and inspections to ensure veterans’ safety. Of course the VA ran their own experts through the facility. Beyond that however, they also used private and independent contractors.

The VA  examined every square inch of the St. Louis VA’s Sterile Processing Department (SPD). None of their efforts, however, produced any source of contamination. Not a stone was left unturned during the investigation; multiple test cycles were performed and thousands of instruments were replaced. Independent consultants confirmed the facility’s safety.

The VA signed a $6.8 million contract to expand and modernize the John Cochran VA’s SPD. The project will include the installation of high-tech sterilizers and washers along with a surgical tool tracking system. The entire renovation will be completed in July, 2012.

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