Spotlight on a Veterans Organization – Veterans of the Vietnam War

The Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc. (VVnW) was founded in 1978 and formally recognized by the VA as a Veterans Service Organization in 1995. Though the group initially was created to serve Vietnam Veterans who were not initially welcomed by many veterans organizations (according to the VVnW’s site), the VVnW is open to veterans of all braches and eras.

The VVnW coordinates a number of unique programs for veterans. Their “United Veterans Beacon House Project” provides transitional housing to homeless veterans discharged from VA hospitals. Veterans participate from 6 months to two years and complete rehabilitation and reintegration through the program.

The Veterans in Conflict with the Law program serves veterans who are incarcerated with the process of reintegrating into society. According to the VVnW, over 300,000 veterans will be released from prison in the next few years.

The VVnW also lobbies on behalf of veterans, coordinates military support package drives, and educates grade school and high school students about the Vietnam war.