Spotlight on a Veterans Organization – The American Legion

The American Legion was chartered by Congress in 1919 to assist veterans who served during a wartime period. The Legion is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, but maintains offices in Washington DC.  There are currently 3 million members in more than 14,000 American Legion posts worldwide.

Veterans can get involved in the American Legion at the local level via different departments that organize events.

You are eligible to join the American Legion if you served during one of the time periods below:

April 6, 1917 to November 11, 1918 (World War I)
December 7, 1941 to December 31, 1946 (World War II)
June 25, 1950 to January 31, 1955 (Korean War)
February 28, 1961 to May 7, 1975 (Vietnam War)
August 24, 1982 to July 31, 1984 (Lebanon/Grenada)
December 20, 1989 to January 31, 1990 (Panama)
August 2, 1990 to today (Gulf War/War On Terrorism)

It costs $25.00 to join the American Legion. To learn more about the organization, visit the American Legion website.