Special VA benefits for Prisoners of War

Approximately 142,246 Americans have been held captive as prisoners of war (POWs) since WWI. Nearly 9 out of 10 POWs are WWII veterans as 130,201 servicemembers were taken prisoner during that conflict.

The VA extends certain benefits to POWs that they would not otherwise be entitled to under the VA’s regulations. For example, former POWs receive special priority in the VA healthcare system and can be treated even if their current illness is not associated with their service in the military. Former POWs are exempt from copays for inpatient and outpatient care and are eligible for dental care.

Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, former POWs are eligible for disability compensation that would require other veterans more evidence to prove. The VA recognizes that medical records do not cover periods of captivity and thus for many diseases, there is a presumption that the disease is service-connected.

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