Some PTSD Symptoms may be Connected to Anger

Because so little is known about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), research is constantly being done to get to the root of the disorder and its symptoms.  Researchers in Chapel Hill are looking into the possibility of zeroing in on specific symptoms as a way to treat Iraq and Afghanistan veterans suffering from PTSD and anger management issues.

Researchers expected their results to follow where the data was pointing, which was that certain PTSD symptoms were connected to aggressiveness on a consistent basis. Instead, they found those soldiers suffering from anger, hostility, and aggressiveness following their deployment were more likely to be related to hyperarousal symptoms. Those symptoms include:

  • Sleep problems;
  • Being “on guard” all the time;
  • Jumpiness;
  • Irritability; and
  • Difficulty concentrating.

Studying the 676 veterans participating in the study, researchers identified some features related to anger and hostility. According to their conclusions, these features increase the likeliness soldiers will develop issues adjusting to civilian life following their deployment.

Veterans suffering from hyperarousal symptoms, serving more than 12 months on deployment, experiencing combat during their deployment, and experiencing family violence prior to joining the military were all likely to be unable to control violent behavior.

More than other veterans, those veterans with hostile dispositions were more likely to suffer hyperarousal symptoms and come from a background of childhood abuse or familial mental illness. Those veterans struggling to manage their anger also suffered hyperarousal symptoms as well as other stressors.

Learning how to manage risk factors such those associated with PTSD and hyperarousal is of critical importance to both veterans and their families.

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