Sen. Burr Pushing For Answers About Contaminated Water at Campe Lejeune

The government has yet to give a tolerable response to the thousands of Marines and their families exposed to toxic water while stationed at Camp Lejeune, according to Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC). Many of those exposed to the contaminated water are currently suffering from cancers and other sorted medical disorders. Because of the determined efforts from Sen. Burr and Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC), the government may slowly be starting to concede they have a responsibility to provide care for those suffering because of their exposure.

That acknowledgment does not even come close to satisfying Sen. Burr. He is demanding the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) explain its actions. Specifically, he wants to know why the VA is so slow in granting disability compensation to Marines exposed to the toxic water while at Camp Lejeune.

Further, Senator Burr is demanding the VA explain why they have linked only 20 applicants’ diseases to the chemically toxic water when over 200 veterans have applied for disability. For those the VA has rejected, he wants to know why they were rejected.

Sen. Burr’s efforts have resulted in the Navy re-opening a very flawed study finding no conclusive evidence linking the chemical laden water and the various diseases from which Marines and their families suffer. Over 1 million Marines and their family members came into contact with the toxic water in the 30 years the wells were open at Camp Lejeune. Many of those are either sick, dying, or have died from various sicknesses related to the chemicals that infected the Lejeune water supply.

One thing Sen. Burr has been constantly pushing is more action. More action in the water investigations, more action in processing disability claims for water exposure, and more action in helping those families dealing with diseases and cancers because of their exposure.

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