Secret Waitlists: Whistleblowers Shed Light on What Could Be a Bigger Problem across the Nation

It started out as a concern at one VA hospital in Phoenix. But now it’s quickly grown into an issue that could affect several facilities across the nation. Whistleblowers continue to come out, sharing secret waitlists intended to hide long delays in seeing a physician.

At the Phoenix facility, it’s believed that 40 military veterans died while waiting to see a doctor. Recently, a physician in West Virginia came forward with allegations that she was told to put off treatment for some patients, and that it resulted in at least two suicides. Whistleblowers from Missouri and Texas have also expressed the same problems with long delays and inadequate treatment.

Some blame the problem on the growing number of vets entering the system. This includes aging veterans and those who served in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Despite an increase in patients, the number of physicians and other medical professionals hasn’t gone up. But this shortage of physicians might be a problem that affects other types of hospitals as well.

While the VA attempts to handle the ongoing problem of backlogged disability claims, these new issues shed light on a flawed system. Veterans may find themselves unable to quickly receive necessary medical care and receiving benefits when disabled.

Most initial claims filed with the VA don’t require assistance from an attorney. But if there are concerns about how to fill out the paperwork or what type of documentation to submit, consult with an attorney. It’s almost always a good idea to secure legal representation if denied disability benefits. Seek help from an attorney who specializes in veterans’ disability law. Don’t hesitate to contact the Law Offices of Veterans Help Group Call us at 855-855-8992 or use our online contact form.