Schools Targeting Veterans to Increase G.I. Bill Incentives May Be Penalized

The Post 9/11 G.I. Bill provides disabled veterans, service members, and some of their immediate family with many benefits, including funding for pursuing continuing education; however, many universities have been found to be targeting veterans to obtain the federal funding for their education without offering quality programs.

Lawmakers are looking at placing restrictions on schools that show a high enrollment of G.I. Bill students but low educational results and student satisfaction. Schools targeted in this evaluation may have the funding they receive from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) cut.

The newly proposed bill looks to change a federal law that prohibits schools from collecting more than 90% of their revenue from federal funding. While this currently applies to the grants and loans serviced by the Department of Education, it does not include the G.I. Bill funding that comes from the VA.

The goal of this legislation is to reduce the number of schools who may be abusing the funding incentives by attracting veterans to enroll, but not providing quality education in exchange.

There are many resources and benefits for veterans that are provided by the VA and through legislation like the G.I. Bill. If you are a veteran or disabled veteran you may qualify for veterans’ disability benefits such as these to obtain help with medical expenses, health care, education, and housing.

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