Sam’s Club Helping Veterans During Government Shutdown

The second week of the U.S. government shutdown has begun and with no end in sight, some private U.S. companies have spoken up in support of veterans.

Military commissaries across the nation are currently closed during the shutdown, leaving many military families unable to utilize the tax-free and discounted shopping venues they’ve come to depend on. In response to this inconvenience, Wal-Mart spin-off Sam’s Club stores are offering military families the opportunity to shop at their stores without paying for a membership or incurring the 10 percent non-member charge.

Sam’s Club already offers military members special perks, such as a $15 gift card upon joining or membership renewal.

Shutdown’s Effects on Veterans Affairs (VA)

The government shutdown has had a minor impact on Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) operations overall, but there are still some important parts of their services compromised due to the shutdown. Most notable is the suspension of appeals hearings by the Board of Appeals which will cause thousands of veterans who have been waiting on disability appeals hearings to wait longer until the shutdown ends.

As the shutdown continues, more services and events may be suspended or canceled as the allocated funding runs out for various departments and programs. Veterans should keep in contact with their local VA offices for the latest news on how the shutdown is likely to impact services they utilize. Currently, disability payments and claim processing are still secured through late October, but once funding of these programs are exhausted they may be suspended.

The Law Offices of Veterans Help Group continues to track the impact the government shutdown is having on our clients. We encourage all disabled veterans to continue pursuing their claims, even in the event that benefits and claims processing are suspended, we can still help lay the foundation for starting a claim once government operations resume. Contact our firm today 1-855-855-8992.