Rural Area Transportation Expanded for VA Health Centers

More than 11,000 veterans living in highly rural areas will benefit from transportation grants recently awarded to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Eight grants totaling $815,051.50 will help the VA partner with and support state Veterans Service Agencies (SVSAs) and Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs) who will provide transportation services to local veterans.

Seven organizations across the United States will benefit from the grants, including SVSAs and VSOs in the following areas:

  • Virginia;
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota;
  • California;
  • Nevada;
  • Texas; and
  • Washington (state).

The grants are part of the VA’s strategic plan to increase access to VA health care and services for veterans living in highly rural areas. Thousands of veterans live a considerable distance from their nearest VA health center, and each organization will be provided up to $50,000 to develop transportation systems for their local veterans at no cost to the veteran or their family.

The VA has been working on expanding rural access to VA health services for several years, starting with the telehealth systems. Veterans are able to communicate with VA doctors and specialists using mobile video conference units that travel across the country. These transportation grants are the next step in connecting rural area veterans with direct health care and inpatient visitation services that they cannot get in their local area.

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