Rome, Georgia Holding Parade for Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans

While the Department of Defense (DoD) is putting plans on hold for a national parade honoring the Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans, many U.S. cities are stepping up with their own events.

For example, 2 men in St. Louis managed to gather a crowd in the thousands to honor our recent veterans in a matter of weeks, drawing national attention. Now, the city of Rome, GA is hoping to achieve the same with a parade and festival dedicated to honoring the Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans.

On Saturday, June 16 starting at 11:00 a.m. EST, the city will hold a parade followed by live entertainment, food, and children’s activities at the Forum. The Veterans Affairs of Atlanta organization will be on hand to assist disabled veterans and their families in attending and enjoying the festivities.

The DoD has shown support for the idea of holding a national parade to honor the Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans, but is reluctant to plan such an event. Current statements suggest they will make plans for a national celebration once all of the troops have returned from deployment.

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