“Road to Veterans Day” Initiative Shows Great Progress in First 3 Months

In honor of Veterans Day, Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert A. McDonald released his three-month report on the successes and current status of the “Road to Veterans Day” initiative. This series of plans released on September 8 was designed to improve veterans’ access to VA health care and facilities, improve government transparency, and increase accountability in a long-term vision.

According to Secretary McDonald’s report, 1.2 million more health care appointments were scheduled from June to October 2014 than in the same period in the previous year. Over 19 million veteran appointments were scheduled at VA medical centers in the past four months. This accelerated patient attendance has allowed the national new primary care wait time to decrease by 18 percent with 98 percent of appointments being completed within 30 days of the veterans’ preferred or medically necessary date.

Additionally, 1.1 million non-VA health care authorizations were granted, 47 percent more than the previous year. These authorizations came along with Secretary McDonald’s visits to 41 VA facilities and 11 recruiting visits to medical schools to determine the needs of existing centers and means to meet those needs.

The path to VA reform is a long one and improvements may take months, even years to be fully apparent. Veterans who have been waiting for benefits and appeals on disability claims should not be left to wait unanswered. At The Law Offices of Veterans Help Group our attorneys are passionate about ensuring all eligible veterans are given a fair opportunity to obtain the benefits to which they are entitled. If you believe you are eligible for disability benefits due to an illness or injury developed during or due to your military service, contact our firm today 1-855-855-8992.