Researchers Continue to Gather Information on Birth Defects Associated with Agent Orange Exposure in Vietnam Vets

The toxic herbicide, Agent Orange, used during the Vietnam War is most known for affecting veterans’ health. But in recent years, a greater awareness is being raised for children and even grandchildren that may have been impacted by its exposure.

The government has attempted to aid the vets exposed to the herbicide and who experienced negative health consequences, especially since the passing of the Agent Orange Act of 1991. Research has linked various conditions to exposure, such as certain cancers, Parkinson’s disease, and more, allowing veterans to recover compensation and obtain proper treatment.

Meanwhile, Veteran’s Administration (VA) has begun to recognize more and more conditions linked to birth defects in children whose parents served during the Vietnam era. This includes children with spina bifida whose mother or father served in the Vietnam War. However, this does not include spina bifida occulta.

Additionally, there are some birth defects linked to female Vietnam veterans only, such as:

  • achondroplasia;
  • cleft palate/lip;
  • congenital heart disease;
  • clubfoot;
  • hip dysplasia; and
  • neural tube defects.

Children and grandchildren with these conditions may qualify for benefits. This doesn’t include developmental disorders, congenital malignant neoplasms and chromosomal disorders. Nor does the VA provide benefits for those whose disabilities aren’t permanent.

At the same time, the VA recognizes that with further research, there may be additional health conditions added to the list. They recommend that all vets with children or grandchildren diagnosed not only with birth defects but learning disabilities or cancer, register on the National Birth Defect Registry. This will help compile all of the information necessary to better understand the health impact of exposure to Agent Orange.

Meanwhile, vets diagnosed with their own illness or disease may qualify to receive disability benefits. There are a wide range of diagnoses recognized by the VA as associated with Agent Orange exposure. For help understanding your right to benefits, don’t hesitate to consult a lawyer at the Law Offices of Veterans Help Group